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5 Reasons Why You Need a Photobooth at Your Wedding!


We’re pumped that photobooths are being revived for weddings and other events these days, and not just because we’re in the business! Part activity, part souvenir, photobooths provide a unique DIY memory-maker for the party people at your wedding. They’re a fantastic entertainment option and just good clean fun for all sorts of guest lists. The original charm and appeal of an old school photobooth will never die (fingers crossed, anyway).

Like, how else are you supposed to snap a photo of your grandma wearing a thick gold dollar-sign chain? Or catch your dad in a tiara? That’s a pretty tough feat to accomplish without a photobooth and an open bar. (But feel free to try, my friend).

So in all seriousness, here are some reasons why you need a photobooth on your BIG DAY...

1. Memories!

We all want photographic evidence of the best times in our lives. That’s pretty much what photos are for, right? Not only will you be capturing your guests in hilarious moments, but you’ll get to keep those pics to help you reminisce about how amazing your wedding was. #Blackmail. But really, just the act of dressing up, playing around with fun props, and posing for quirky snapshots together will get your friends and family into memory making mode. And during a day that’s really all about you, it’s so nice to give your guests a little corner of the party where they can be creative, get silly, and make it their own. Wow, what an unselfish and gracious host you are...


2. Photobooths Are Fab For All Ages and Crowds

There WILL be a line for the photobooth at your wedding. You can bet on it. Everybody from your 4-year-old nephew to your 70-year-old great aunt will love the photo booth. (Okay, I mean especially those two partiers will just die over the photobooth!) It’s practically irresistible to young children who adore dressing up in any form. And older people just love to be baffled by technology that they can actually relate to. Obvi, couples of all ages are pretty much required to drag each other to the photobooth to prove how amazingly cute they are and take a few kissing pics. Awww, you guys...


3. Party Favors? Done.

Nobody actually wants a jar of your homemade apple butter or ANOTHER koozie with your name on it to hold their beer. (You know everybody already has a kitchen drawer that’s overflowing with them.) Just give your guests what they really want: Photos of themselves! Pics from a photobooth are the perfect personalized keepsake that’ll help people remember your special day with fondness. And nowadays it’s so convenient to have tangible photos to keep around the house rather than just another tagged #instagram pic.


4. They Get People to Loosen Up

There’s nothing like throwing a wig and a mustache on your mother in-law to get her to chill out! Photobooths encourage people to laugh at themselves (and occasionally at strangers). They get your guests mingling and chatting. Impromptu photo sessions are fantastic icebreakers, plus they’re a hell of a lot better for your guests than a half-dozen shots of tequila in terms of social lubrication. People seated together at tables might decide to head to the photo booth together and return best friends! (Hey, it could happen.) And if you’ve squeezed into that tight dress or suit for the evening and nerves are involved, it’s nice to let loose and pose for photos that are strictly for fun. Because, fact, no one is worried about how their makeup looks when they’re wearing a mustache.


5. And Of Course, They’re Fun… Duh

People at weddings are in the mood for fun. Photobooths give your guests a great interactive entertainment option that encourages them to be carefree for a while. (And since “adults” aren’t allowed to have moon bounces at formal events, this is pretty much the next best thing.) Choosing the most bizarre props, hijacking your friends for ridiculous pics, and acting not-so-serious for a moment is just what your guests need! Promise. It’s a stress-free, schmooze-free, networking-free corner of the party! Thank God. Plus it gives your guests something to do while the band takes a break... besides drain your open bar.

Edgar Mota